Our vision

Plastic Projects produce aesthetic panels and products of recycled plastic, which promotes resource awareness and enables people to create in recycled plastics. We believe that by promoting an aesthetic waste product people will appreciate plastic more. It’s our hope that this will give more interest in plastic types, why recycling is important and that consumes can demand recycled products everywhere.

Recycling and recyclability

In our production we sort our plastic and only use the same type of plastic in one sheet. This keep the purity of the plastic high and allow the plastic to be recycled again eventually. We also optimized our production to have the highist energy effienciency and use our own plastic waste back in our product.

The Plastic Projects team

Plastic Projects is founded and run be Zilia Roikjaer and Frederik Kragh. The company is based upon a mission to Sierra Leone where plastic was recycled with solar power. The project developed to focus on panels and aesthetics in Denmark to create a solid foundation of knowledge, resources and projects with the eventual aims of returning to charitable causes.